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DDNP Prototypes

At this stage in the project, I am in the process of creating prototypes using the working notes to Our Mutual Friend. These prototypes are the first stage in project development and are designed to explore the possible platforms and functions for a future custom DDNP platform.

Three prototypes are in process. Click on the links below for more information.

The earliest uses the Versioning Machine, a tool designed for comparing multiple versions of the same text to highlight similarities and differences or changes over time. I have adapted it to highlight connections between notes and novel and to offer critical notes.

The second prototype (still in progress) uses Juxta Editions to display high-quality facsimiles of the manuscript and transcriptions. This is the early work towards a diplomatic edition.

The third prototype takes the notes from the second number of Our Mutual Friend and presents zoomable manuscript image beside transcriptions with critical notes. While the two other prototypes incorporate basic TEI XML markup, this version is purely visual and tests out user experience.