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News and Updates

Latest Update! Anna Gibson will be presenting about the DDNP as part of the “Interdisciplinarity and Seriality” Plenary at the Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies (INCS) annual conference in San Francisco on March 2.

Update! December 2017: Welcoming Adam Grener, lecturer at Victorian University of Wellington, onboard as co-principal investigator. Adam will be working on editorial content for the site. Check out his other digital Dickens project here.

Update!: View the latest prototype experiments for the Our Mutual Friend DDNP project here, including a new visual prototype for the second installment notes. Also take a look at the new manuscript description and history.

The visual prototype displays the MS image and transcription side-by-side with critical notes and a zoom-function to enable user-friendly viewing.

Update! I am working on basic transcriptions of the Our Mutual Friend working notes in JuxtaEditions. These do not yet have the formatting transcribed, but they do help users read the notes. This is a work in progress! See more here.

Update! All the Our Mutual Friend working notes images from the Pierpont Morgan Library have been uploaded to the prototype with JuxtaEditions. Transcriptions and introductions are still in the works, but you can look at the manuscripts here.

Update! Thanks to an NEH Endowment Grant from Duquesne University and the assistance of the Pierpont Morgan Library in New York, we now have high resolution digital images of the working notes for Our Mutual Friend. I have uploaded and transcribed the first installment using Juxta Editions.

The Juxta Editions prototype displays zoomable, high-resolution images beside transcriptions.

Update!  Take a look at the progress — an xml markup and screenshots of the working prototype for the second installment.  Details here.

Prototype Screenshot

Screenshot of the early prototype. Click to read and see more.

Update!  Digital Dickens Notes now has a Twitter Feed!  Find us at @DickensNotes

Early Digital Abstract

An earlier digital abstract for the project is available here: